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We are YOUR Short Sale Allies.

We are the Short Sale Experts in Arizona with a combined 25 year experience helping over 1,000 families successfully complete a short sale. You may cancel your short sale at anytime and owe us nothing. You are never obligated to complete your short sale until you have received the banks short sale approval letter and agree in writing to proceed with the short sale. Until you decide to sign their approval you are not obligated to finish the short sale process.

Protect You From Any Future Liability And Bank Deficiency Judgments.

In a short sale the difference between what you owe and what the home sells for will result in a deficiency. Banks and their investors may attempt to collect on the difference after the sale of the home. We force the banks to put in writing that they waive their right to collect on any deficiency and that the loan is satisfied and paid in full.

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